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Hi, I’m Lisa McCarthy. I’d like to work with you to engage your people, create loyal customers, and boost profits

Bruce and I believe that simple stuff works. Simple stuff works because it’s easy to understand, and easy to communicate. And just as importantly the simple stuff can almost always be implemented quickly, easily, inexpensively, and with little or no resistance. Because of this “power of simple”; when I work with you as your business coach, you’ll notice I frequently discuss things like 

  • Clarity.  If you and your team are very clear on what you’re trying to achieve; planning and decision making are much easier.
  • Communication. Always assume that the message doesn’t get through.
  • Consistency. Act in a manner that is consistent with the objectives and aspirations you are seeking to achieve.
  • Care. Do you know your people and understand the impact of your actions on them?
  • 7 Principles of Profit. Change. Leadership. Finance and the Back Office. Products and Services. Sales and Marketing. People. Customers

“Most businesses are too busy complicating things and suppporting that complication with bureaucracy. Simple stuff works because it’s easy to understand, and most importantly easy to communicate.     Bruce Cotterill

lisa mcCarthy – 

Key Areas of Focus

  • Leadership coaching and development
  • Building a high performance and trust-based culture
  • Intrapreneurship, entrepreneurship, and market validation
  • Sales and marketing strategy
  • Change leadership
  • Innovation and growth mindset

I challenge, I provoke, I care – and I believe that working together should be both fun and profitable.

                                          getting started

“Prescription without diagnosis is malpractice” so I always begin as with a free 30 minute phone call where we get to know each other and develop clarity on where you are now, what you want to achieve, and what to focus on.

Based on this we’ll create a custom solution to fit with your need, time and budget.

Your programme may or may not include a mixture of

  • 1:1 coaching | business coach
  • consulting/advisory
  • group business coaching
  • live experiences
  • online solutions
  • workshops and facilitation
  • speaking

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Heard Lisa speak and to say it resonated was an understatement! Love your thinking and approach Lisa - thanks for sharing!
Carol Brown - CEO Diversitas and RoleWorks

Lisa has challenged me more than just about anyone, and that's no mean feat. As a former Commando Officer and Green Beret with the British Royal Marines, and Great Britain Combined Services Rugby representative I'm used to being pushed to my limits - and beyond. With Lisa as my business coach I have managed to break through my own glass ceiling. In 6 months my profit  has grown 250%, and I'm happier than I've been in a very long time. We have much left to do to realise my vision - and we'll be doing it together. Lisa is unwaivering in her support, insightful, and in many ways a visionary. She has a unique way of not pulling any punches, while being respectful and considerate.

Steve Hall - Business Owner Fitforce Ltd & Commando Clothing
Thank you so much for the insightful, provocative and engaging presentations to The CEO Institute in New Zealand. The powerful strategic benefits of well crafted corporate culture that is deliberately and consistently deployed are not well understood or are under-estimated. Lisa highlighted these benefits and the missed opportunities that a strategically aligned and empowering culture can deliver to those companies. She presented compelling examples of where this has occurred successfully. Her presentation to our syndicate members in a small group session was challenging and thought provoking. I strongly recommend any CEO taking the time to sit down and have a good conversation with Lisa. She will challenge your understanding of how culture and strategy relate to each other and the very real opportunities for growth and strategic development that exist. It was no surprise that her session was very highly rated by our syndicate members.
Simon Whyte - Chairman | Head of NZ The Lion Foundation & The CEO Institute

As my business coach Lisa challenged me and the beliefs that were holding me back, helped me understand how to use my strengths and talents best, and introduced me to highly practical and effective strategies which we introduced in my business – without taking any unnecessary risks. My life and my business transformed, and I went from struggling to keep my business open to selling it for a healthy profit, starting another business, and retiring. I always felt that Lisa truly cared about what I wanted, and what was important to me. Outstanding.

Noel Johnston - Business Owner MTF Dunedin

We have had the pleasure of working with Lisa at 2degrees. We sought her support for helping our people develop capability and confidence, particularly in the areas of disruption and innovation. I would recommend Lisa if you are looking for a business partner who can help you break out of your current operating paradigm take off your blinkers and create a new world. Lisa is willing to share her wealth of business experience and insights. I would highly recommend her.

Helen Roach - Head of Talent Two Degrees Mobile

Working with Lisa helped us identify opportunities, and things our team were willing and able to develop and contribute to the business. Without her contribution we would have no idea these opportunities existed. As an added bonus even the most sceptical of the staff valued and enjoyed the process. Her process and outcome suggestions also helped dissolve hierarchies so management could be honest that they don’t have all the answers, that the staff input is vital and appreciated, and that collaboratively the business can achieve so much more.

Phillippa Duffy, General Manager University Bookshop - Otago
We used Lisa and her in depth knowledge in November 2017 at our executive refocus days to review where our organisational culture had got to and where next to go. It was a great experience all round and brought clarity to our thinking. Bravo !

Frequently Asked Questions

can you tell me more about the session?
Lisa McCarthy will work with you over the phone to explore what you want to achieve, and your current situation. Together we will create a solution that fits your needs best.
why choose to work with us?
We’ve run and owned businesses and know first hand the importance and power of keeping things simple, focusing on the things that actually make a difference, and keeping things moving. We speak plain English, and we’re dedicated to getting to the heart of the matter quickly.
What will we cover when we talk?
The initial chat is all about getting to know you. We will build clarity around what you want to achieve, and why you want to achieve it. Plus, we’ll explore the gap between the results you want, and where you are now – and what you’re already doing well, and not so well.
What happens next?
Following our conversation we’ll send you a summary of the conversation which will include suggestions for your best next steps and how we may be able to assist – along with the associated costs.
how much will it cost to work with us?
The first chat is free. Our primary focus is to help you achieve what you want to achieve, and we’ll do our absolute best to work within your budget. Solutions include but are not limited to free resources, books, online programmes from $20pw, workshops and experiences from $795 per day per person (min numbers apply), and on-demand coaching from $250 per hour. You only pay for the help you need or want, so if it takes less than an hour to point you in the right direction – that’s all you’ll pay for.