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“If words of command are not clear and distinct,
if orders are not thoroughly understood,
the general is to blame”
Sun Tzu – The Art Of War
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discover How to engage your people, deliver better customer experiences, and achieve more in less time

Masterclass for Leaders and Managers is a live event designed to help you lead rapid and sustainable improvements to business performance, by focusing on the SMALL things that make a BIG difference. Over the course of two days Bruce shares his stories of business improvement and transformation which can best be described as remarkable; and applies his lessons to the challenges that leaders and managers take on every day.

There’s been a lot of talk about “stop managing and start leading”, but this is most often a reaction to outdated command and control management practices which are at the heart of employee disengagement, and the disillusionment of that unique group we know as the millennials. The reality is – every manager needs to lead, and every leader needs to manage.

Over the course of two days you will learn how to do both, and benefit from the simple tips and tools that Bruce has developed and used along the way.

Leave inspired and empowered to achieve what you want to achieve, and to have a life too.

The most important question in business

The 7 principles of profit

Engage your team and maximise the millenials

Attendees to date have rated this Masterclass 9.4 out of 10

“Most businesses are too busy complicating things and supporting that complication with bureaucracy. Simple stuff works because it’s easy to understand, and most importantly, easy to communicate.”

– Bruce Cotterill

You will learn things like:

  • Being clear about the key objectives within your team
  • Leading performance improvement in the midst of unpredictability and change
  • The 5 C’s – clarity, communication, consistency, commitment and care
  • Improving your communication skills and straight-forward ideas to “get the message out”
  • The 11 R’s – How to recruit better, remunerate fairer and retain your talent
  • How to manage that unique group we call “millennials”
  • Getting stuff done – Simple and agile planning and action processes to keep you on track
  • Doing a better job for our customers with improved customer experiences

Who Should Attend

The Masterclass for Leaders / Managers is for anyone who is running a team with between 5 and 200 people. It’s for those who want to do a better job.

Business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders of all types seem to get a lot out of this programme. Whatever level you’re at, this programme will help you to take your team to the next level.

Or you may be a School Principal looking for a better way to “get the messages through” or trying to run the dysfunctional family business with a pressing need to get everyone onto the same page.

If you’re responsible for a big business or a small business, a government department, a charitable organisation, a sports club, a hospital or even a sports stadium, there will be something in the programme that resonates with you and the day to day challenges you are experiencing.

So check out the comments below. This is a programme dedicated to leaders. So come along and join the fun.

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Bruce is an inspiring and engaging speaker who can tailor his vast depth of experience to add real value to your business and your challenges. Bruce has added real value to our team, and inspired change to move from good to great. His ability to challenge current thinking in a way that allows people to discover their own solutions has been really beneficial.
Rodney King, General Manager Retail and Business Banking ANZ Bank
This course was enlightening, informative and a shot in the arm I needed. I feel I'm better armed after completing this course to tackle the daily challenges of managing people and building a profitable business. Bruce Cotterill is a fantastic speaker and I would recommend to any organisation that wants to succeed in business.
Lucky Lopesi, NI Operations Manager Move Logistics
Thanks for taking us through a very thought provoking couple of days, would recommend to anyone.
Rod Dale, Quality Manager The Drug Detection Agency
Bruce's overall industry experience made the two days very interesting and it was great to be able to hear just how he had implemented the points he spoke about into his roles and the results achieved.
Shaun Wilson, Managing Director Unite Logistics
Bruce is a credible leader proven the number of experiences he's had in turning businesses around! He has a simple yet effective approach to leadership that I believe will help you get instant results in your business. His classes will teach you how to drive a better culture and communicate more effectively with your people to drive business growth!
Dinesh Sami, Branch Manager ANZ Bank
Bruce is a talented, experienced man with a lot of interesting and engaging stories putting 'theory' into real life examples and experience. The sessions were relevant, simple, interactive and useful for every day leadership and leaders of all experiences
Jenna Hyland, Senior Wealth Specialist ANZ Bank
Bruce's easy and personable manner was evident in his fabulous presentation with content that was simple, easy to follow, achievable and useful for any leader in business.
Suzanne MacLean, Branch Manager Barfoot & Thompson
Great session on leadership and how to get the best our of your people. Highly recommended!
David Latu, Rooms Division Manager The Heritage Hotel
A fantastic opportunity to get together with other leaders and work on my leadership skills. Bruce really gets you thinking but also makes sure you have a plan to put in place key actions. A great learning experience for any leader.
Mark Hill-Rennie, Regional Manager ANZ

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