Bruce is one of Australasia’s most credible and best motivational speakers. He is a humorous and engaging storyteller, with remarkable stories to tell from 30 years as a high profile CEO. He will inspire your people to become better leaders, and improve the performance of your business.

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One of the best motivational speakers today

“Inspiring. Entertaining. Engaging. Practical. Relevant. Credible.” 

These are the words most often used to describe Bruce Cotterill as a speaker.

Bruce has made over 1,500 speeches and presentations at conferences, meetings and events in NZ, Australia, Asia, UK and USA. He is typically acknowledged as one of the best motivational speakers today. A truly inspirational speaker, he is rated as the top presenter at almost every event he participates in.

His presentations range from 45 minutes to 3 hours, and cover a range of subjects relating to improving performance in business and life.  Bruce’s material is based on his own experiences as a leader, manager and even as a customer!  His presentations are highly interactive, and he is a master storyteller who uses real examples, humour and audience participation to ensure that his messages stay with people long after the interaction is over.

Examples of topics

  • Build A Better Business — with improved employee and customer experiences.
  • Your People Make The Difference — so treat them like they matter. Discover the 11 R’s of People.
  • The Best Leaders Don’t Shout — based on Bruce’s book by the same title – communicate, communicate, communicate.
  • Leading Millennials — is easier than you think. You just need to understand them. Here’s what they want, and how to get the best from them.
  • Built to Bounce — How to navigate change without losing your business/job, or your mind.
  • Customers For Life — is the dream for any business. It’s important to know how to win customers, and keep them coming back.
  • The 7 Principles of Profit At Work —  inspiring you and your teams to focus on what you can control, and the SMALL stuff that makes a BIG difference.


Bruce’s superpower, and what makes him one of the best motivational speakers is his ability to inspire and connect with his audience. They leave feeling motivated to go back to work, and put what they’ve learnt into action. He even invites his audience to stay in touch to tell him what they’re doing differently, and how it’s working for them – and they do.

As a master storyteller Bruce conveys powerful messages in plain language which are simple to understand, easy to apply, and extremely memorable.  He researches his audience, and wherever possible adapts his content to make it as meaningful and relevant as possible.

Bruce always arrives early and makes sure he gets a sense of the event, and the “mood of the room”. He’s frequently had to change his presentation at the last minute to ‘rescue’ events that were falling flat.”

What do you want from your speaker?  Bruce delivers… 

  • Simple ideas and tools that you can use immediately
  • Inspiration and motivation
  • Smiles and laughter 
  • Relevance
  • Better business outcomes

So, if you’re looking for one of the best motivational speakers available today – you’ve come to the right place.

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Had the hardest spot of the conference and lifted everyone. He is a true pro – ability to read the audience and adapt accordingly. Scored amazingly high on feedback forms. Would HIGHLY recommend. Loved him. Our delegates rated him 10 out of 10, which doesn’t happen very often!
Melanie Middleditch, Events and Sponsorship Manager Professionals Real Estate Group
Thank you for two fantastic presentations at The Professionals Sales Conference. Each talk was loaded with lots of good practical take away points. It was also fantastic to meet you and speak in person. As discussed, training for real estate sales people is abundantly available whilst as a new business owner it seems training is much more scarce.
Steve Lovegrove, Business Owner McDowell Real Estate Ltd
I really enjoyed your talk. It was informative and entertaining. The beginning was fantastic when you started talking right next to me, and engaged the whole room by being in the audience and walking amongst us.  I was in Real Estate for 8 years and often saw speakers and trainers, but none as engaging as you.  Thanks again for your inspirational talk.
Stephen Langridge, South Island Account Manager Thermakraft
As a business owner sometimes you need to step back and look at how far you have come, where you are now and plan on how far you want to go. In Bruce’s presentation he took us on that journey. He not only inspired with his own stories of business transformation but also shared resources and tools that could be used in any business. Add to that him being an entertaining presenter made it an hour well spent.
Jane Slack-Smith, Director Investors Choice Mortgages
I want to thank you, again, for your presentation.  I’ve attended many, many, professional presentations over the years, and yours was one of the best I’ve seen.  Both the style of presenting and — most important — the content were fabulous.  And your point about change and lack of predictability resonate with me, because I’ve been preaching to my students for years that advertising is all about change, and they should not only get comfortable with it, but should embrace it.
Jef Richards, Professor & Chair, Advertising, Public Relations & Retailing Michigan State University, USA

Speaking Faq’s

Types of engagements
  • Keynote presentations
  • Leadership retreats
  • Offsite workshops
  • Half day interactive workshops
  • Full day interactive workshops
fees for public speaking
Bruce’s speaking fees vary. Please contact us for for availability and fee structure.
Travel and expenses
Bruce travels economy throughout New Zealand and Australia, and Business Class beyond Australia and New Zealand. He stays in 4* or better accommodation. He has no special dietary requirements. All receipts will be provided within 30 days for expense reimbursement.
Additional information
  • Bruce usually requires a lapel mic, and will sometimes require screen and projector – situation dependent. He moves around a lot while speaking.
  • Audio and video recordings are almost always allowed
  • He likes to have a small table at the front to place his notes on
  • Bruce is happy to sign books
  • He will engage socially with the audience
  • Bruce will invite attendees to stay in touch with him, and offers to send them his notes
Does Bruce offer follow up coaching and support?
Bruce offers coaching support and services as required via associated coaches, webinars, online programmes, and communities. He very rarely offers 1:1 coaching himself due to extensive demands on his time.