Hi I’m BC – and welcome to my blog for business.

During my executive career, I learned about management and leadership as I went along. I didn’t have the luxury of the internet as my teacher. Sure, I read books and listened to audio recordings of business speakers and did whatever else I could do to become better at leading and managing my business and our people.

But it was kind of ad hoc. And as a result, I made plenty of mistakes along the way.

Today through my speaking and consulting activity, I’ve become aware of the value people get from the lessons I’ve learned. So, I’ve decided to develop this weekly video based blog for business, in order to make those experiences more accessible to people who are interested in improving their own performance. People like you.

In this programme, I’ll be sharing the lessons I’ve learned, some stories from my own experiences, as well as the shortcuts and the tips that have saved me time and helped me to get better results for my people, my customers, my shareholders and my business.

So the Blog for Business will include stuff on:
– leadership,
– people management,
– enhancing the customer experience,
– sales and sales management,
– business planning
– making the most of those talented but challenging millennials,
– and much much more.

And here’s the best bit. I know you’re busy, so every video in this series will be approximately 3 to 5 minutes long. That means you get to pick up on a topic or an idea, digest it quickly, work out how to make it work with your team, and all without causing a major interruption to the flow of your business day.

By the way, every video we release will be accompanied by a written script. That allows us to accommodate those of you who learn better by reading as well as those who enjoy listening or watching.

To me, good leadership means many things. It means:
– businesses being better lead;
– public services being better delivered;
– more engaged people with more rewarding careers;
– and ultimately, happier customers.

But it also means better parents, better teachers, better schools and therefore better, more confident and more capable kids. And they are our future, after all.

Ultimately, all of that stuff means better communities, and all because of one word … leadership.

So come along. Try some new things with you team, and have some fun. The first video’s out now, and it’s entitled “The Most Important Question in Business”.

And finally, if you’re up for it, we will welcome some feedback about the programme content. And please feel free to suggest any additional topics you would like me to cover, by getting in touch with us at www.brucecotterill.com

So let’s get started. I’m looking forward to seeing you and many like you, become a better leader.

Thanks for watching.