I had another “time-poor” moment this week. So between meetings, I dropped into a Newmarket café for some lunch on the run. There wasn’t much food left at 2.45pm, so I grabbed what there was.

Then it hit me. The very helpful guy running the counter told me that my BLT sandwich, a slice of banana cake and flat white were going to set me back $29.50! What? $29.50. For lunch on the run?

The election campaign is now behind us. At last. Much has been made of the cost of living. But it’s all too little, too late. Inflation may slow, but its effects will remain. And I’m surprised that we’re surprised by the amount of money that shopkeeper was asking for. It’s been coming at us for a while.

Whether it’s the $29 lunch, the $7 coffee or the $15 beer, it catches us off-guard.